How to Fill a Cartomizer with a Dropper Cap

E-smoking can be intimidating to newcomers. The team at Johnson Creek Enterprises has created a series of articles and videos to help people learn about vaping. This one is meant to teach you how to fill cartomizers. If you’re unsure about how to fill a cartomizer, you’ve come to the right place!

Johnson Creek Enterprises offers Smoke Juice in three different bottle sizes. We offer the sample bottles and 30mL bottles. All bottles are shipped with appropriately sized dropper caps.

Vea cartomizers hold approximately 1mL of e-liquid. If you intend on filling your cartomizers with the dropper cap, you’ll need to estimate how much Smoke Juice equals 1mL. If you’re not comfortable with this, we offer a flex-tip syringe to help you fill your cartomizers. If you are comfortable with this, but would like some guidance; please, read on.

After you make sure the cap is secure, shake the bottle of e-liquid. This step is very important. Flavor ingredients settle at different rates; for the best and most consistent flavor our bottles must be shaken. Loosen the cap and squeeze the rubber bulb. This will draw e-liquid into the glass tube of the dropper cap.

Take the rubber tip off the cartomizer and expose the inner fiber filling. You’ll see a center tube surrounded by the white fiber fill. The goal is to add the Smoke Juice to the filling. You do not want to get Smoke Juice down the center tube.

Align the tip of the glass dropper with the filling and gently squeeze the bulb. Add about 20 drops. Depending on how thick the Smoke Juice is you may need to pause from time to time and allow the e-liquid to soak in. After the initial 20 drops, observe the filling. As it gets saturated with Smoke Juice the color changes from white and fluffy to a darker wet color. If the e-liquid is a lighter color, it may be difficult to see the color change. At this time, if the top is still white and fluffy add a few more drops and let that soak in. When you feel that the filling is properly saturated put the rubber Vea cartomizer tip back on. The goal is to saturate the filling without letting e-liquid pool at the top of the cartomizer. By the time you’re done filling a Vea cartomizer, you’ll end up using 23-40 drops depending on the size of the drops.

Let the cartomizer sit threaded end down for a few minutes. Thinner Smoke Juices will only take a minute or two to properly soak down to the wick of the cartomizer. Sometimes by the time you finish filling the cartomizer the e-liquid has already reached the wick! Thicker e-liquids may take up to 10 minutes. Once the Smoke Juice has soaked in, you can attach the cartomizer to the battery and enjoy your freshly filled cartomizer.

Remember to tighten the cap on the bottle. Smoke Juice should be stored with the caps on, out of direct sunlight, and out of the reach of kids and pets.

Smoke Juice leaking out of the bottom of the cartomizer indicates that the cartomizer has been overfilled. Set the cartomizer, threaded end down, on a tissue or a papertowel and let the excess e-liquid drain.

If you get Smoke Juice in your mouth, rinse out your mouth. That’s an indication that the center tube has e-liquid in it or the cartomizer has been over-filled. To clear the center tube, cup a tissue over the threaded end and gently blow through the cartomizer. Make sure you do not inhale during this step and blow gently. You only want to clear the center tube of excess e-liquid.

If the cartomizer tastes bad or doesn’t produce enough vapor then it’s possible that the cartomizer is under-filled or the e-liquid hasn’t had enough time to soak down to the wick. Let it stand, threaded end down, for a few more minutes and/or add some more Smoke Juice. It’s also possible the tip is pinched inside the center tube. You can check this with a toothpick, paperclip, or the Johnson Creek Enterprise cleaning brush. Reposition the tip if necessary.

Future refills will require less e-liquid. The cartomizer may look dry and it may taste dry, but there is always a little bit of Smoke Juice left in it. Make sure you adjust the amount of e-liquid you use. Cartomizers typically last the average users 2-5 refills.

We don’t recommend refilling a cartomizer while it is attached to an electronic cigarette battery. The Vea battery is sealed to protect it from wayward Smoke Juice, but you don’t want to accidentally activate the battery while you’re filling it. It also creates a mess in the threads of the e-cig battery if the cartomizer is inadvertently over-filled.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you need any more assistance, you can contact your Customer Relations team

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