How to Vape with the Vea® via Pass-through

E-smoking can be intimidating to newcomers. The team at Johnson Creek Enterprises has created a series of articles and videos to help people learn about vaping. This one is meant to help you learn how to vape with the Vea Electronic Cigarette using the pass-through feature.

The Vea (pronounced: vay-uh) Electronic Cigarette is a premium e-cig that is designed to provide you with years of vaping pleasure. We designed it with an eye on quality and safety.

One of the safety features of the Vea e-cig is the manual battery. Electronic cigarette batteries come in one of two types: automatic and manual. Automatic batteries do not require you to press a button to vape. They’re typically activated by sound or airflow. This can result in the battery firing unintentionally if you’re in a loud environment like a concert, a fireworks show, or a factory. If it’s activated by airflow, then it may fire when you’re on a boat, a shoreline, or any other windy situation. A battery that activates when you don't want it to activate may result in draining the battery and wasting e-liquid. It’s irritating to go to vape only to learn your battery has been unwittingly drained. We gave the Vea® Electronic Cigarette Battery a manual battery to minimize this frustration and it allows you to turn off the battery between vaping sessions.

Generally, the Vea e-cig batteries are shipped turned off. You need to click the button three times (quickly) to activate the battery. Click it three times again to deactivate the battery. This way the battery only fires when you want to vape and not when you have it in your pocket or purse. If you ever try to vape and the cartomizer doesn’t produce vapor, click the button three times to make sure the battery is turned on.

In addition to the manual battery, the Vea Electronic Cigarette also has true-pass through technology. A single charge lasts the typical user 6-8 hours, but fun doesn’t need to end when the battery signals to be charged.

Vaping while on pass-through is easy with the Vea! The Vea starter kit comes with a USB wall charger and cord. You’ll just use the USB cord to vape while utilizing the pass-through feature if you’re plugging it into a computer. If you’re using a wall outlet, you’ll need the charger block and the USB cord.

 The video illustrates using a wall outlet, but that’s not the only way.

To use a computer’s USB port, the first thing to do is connect the larger plug on the USB cord to a USB jack on a computer. Then, remove the end cap on the Vea e-cig battery to expose the charging port. Set the end cap aside, but make sure it’s out of the reach of kids and pets. Connect the small plug on the USB cord to the charging port on the battery. The red charging light should light up.

You can vape as normal now by holding down the button as you inhale. When you’re done inhaling, release the button and exhale. Enjoy the clouds of wonderful vapor produced by the Vea!

The button should light up with a white light when you press it. If the button flashes 10 times, then the battery life is too low to allow pass-through vaping.  This rarely happens and it’s easy to solve. Just let the battery charge for a few minutes. If the white button doesn’t light up, the battery may be turned off. Click the button three times to activate the battery.

The USB cord is a standard-to-mini cord, but the end that connects to the e-cig battery is tapered to allow it to seat more securely inside the battery. The cord should not fall out when you vape. If you use the pass-through feature, it will take a little bit longer than normal to charge the battery, but the battery will charge while you vape.

When the Vea Electronic Cigarette is not in use, we recommend turning it off. Always keep it and our Smoke Juice out of the reach of kids and pets.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you need any more assistance, you can contact us at or call customer service at 920-545-2030 9AM-5PM M-F Central Time.

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