How to use the Vea® Canteen™ Tank System

Newcomers have a lot to learn in regards to e-smoking. The team at Johnson Creek Enterprises has created a series of articles and videos to help people learn about vaping. This one is meant to introduce you to and help you learn how to use the new Vea® Canteen™ Tank System.

The Vea® is a two-piece design electronic cigarette. This means the battery is one piece and something to deliver the flavor and vapor is another piece. There are a few options available for that flavor-delivery piece; we’ll discuss two of them in this article.

Cartomizers are the traditional option for two-piece design electronic cigarettes. These have a flavor cartridge and an atomizer in one piece. Each cartridge has a fiber filling to help wick the e-liquid. Johnson Creek offers several items to help you fill your cartridges including a free dropper cap with every bottle of Smoke Juice purchased. Check out the other How To Videos and Articles to learn more about how to fill your cartomizers. Many people like cartomizers because a good one can produce a lot of vapor and they’re quite reliable. They’re also typically metal so they’re great for people who are hard on their e-cigs. We sell cartomizers for the Vea® Electronic Cigarette.

Tanks are a newer option. They don’t have the fiber fill. They use a chamber (a tank) to hold the Smoke Juice and wicks to carry the e-liquid to the atomizer. These are very simple to fill and you can easily see how much Smoke Juice is left in the electronic cigarette.

We’ve produced a beautiful electronic cigarette tank that will prove to be a mainstay for many vaping enthusiasts. We called it a “Canteen.” No hiker would be without a canteen and no vaper will want to be without a Vea® Canteen.

The Vea® Canteen™ Tank System comes three to a box. There are instructions on the outside of the box. Visually, they’re quite different from the Vea cartomizers. They’re still red and there’s a 510-threaded end that screws onto the Vea electronic cigarette battery, but that’s where the similarities end.

The Vea® Canteen Tank System has graduated marks to help you easily see the fill level of Smoke Juice in your tank. They do hold 1mL, but the marks stop at 0.9mL. We recommend filling the Canteen™ between 0.3mL and 0.9mL. There’s a smooth, contoured, black mouthpiece for a comfortable vaping session. You can expect three to five refills from a Canteen™. You may get more, but when the pull, flavor, or the vapor production no longer meets your needs, you just discard the tank.

To fill the Vea® Canteen™ (tank), you unscrew the mouthpiece. Inside, you’ll see a metal center tube and some wicks. Just like with a cartomizer, you want to avoid getting Smoke Juice down the center tube.

Using a dropper cap, a syringe, or one of our small travel bottles, add Smoke Juice until it reaches the 0.9mL mark (or less depending on your preference).

When you replace the mouthpiece be sure to only tighten until it is snug. There’s a gasket that prevents leaks so there’s no need to apply pressure to make sure it’s “tight.” It’s tight at “snug.” Over-tightening the mouthpiece may damage it.

Once you have the mouthpiece in place, you can screw the Vea® Canteen™ (tank) onto your Vea® electronic cigarette battery. To avoid accidentally stripping the threads on your electronic cigarette battery, you want this snug and not over-tightened.

We also have a Press-On Canteen™ Cover. It works just like the Press-On Cartomizer Cover, but it’s slightly bigger. Just slide it over the attached Vea® Canteen™ Tank System and a silicone ring around the battery grips it and holds it in place. We highly recommend using the Press-On Canteen™ Cover to stabilize the Vea® electronic cigarette, regulate airflow to the atomizer, protect your threads from wayward grit, protect the Canteen™ from accidental damage, and to add to the aesthetics of the Vea® electronic cigarette.

Once you have the Press-On Canteen™ Cover in place, you can turn on your battery and vape on. Happy vaping!

We hope this information has been helpful. If you need any more assistance, you can contact us at or call customer service at 920-545-2030 9AM-5PM M-F Central Time.

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